Back Home in Portugal

Back Home in Portugal


Most Irish people refer to Ireland as home no matter if they left 1 year, 10 years, or 50 years ago they will always say “I’m going home” for Christmas, the holidays or to see the family. I left 10 years ago and I too refer to Ireland as “Home” but in reality, my home is now Portugal. I own my home here and I intend to stay here and travel back and forth to Ireland during the years. I have just retired from my job in Portugal and this will give me the flexibility to travel not only between Ireland and Portugal but to as many other places around the world as much as my pension will allow.

My passions are photography and cooking I will, therefore, explore both in this blog and from it and the help of any followers I can attract, I intend to create a Photobook. I will publish pictures of Portugal and Northern Ireland as I take them and from my collection. I hope these will inspire my readers to visit and become enthused by the scenery, culture and people in these countries and from follower’s comments create my Photobook. I will also be publishing photos from the histories of both countries which to my surprise have had many similarities.

My second passion is cooking and I hope to discover and publish recipes from both cultures by trying to find the traditional rather than the “Novo Cuisine” found in most recent cookbooks.

So I begin this Blog with no experience of blogging but a determination to learn and the desire to be successful. I have had years of technical experience at work and in my spare time learning and using the software on computers but this is my first attempt at blogging, therefore, I must first learn the WordPress system. So off I go…………..

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