My Blog re-invented

I began blogging about a month ago and since then I have been trying to decide a direction for my blog on WordPress. I am a retired person and have time now to indulge in my hobbies/interests and share these experiences with anyone interested. My main passions are Photography, Cooking and History/Archeology. I hope to gain followers, anyone welcome and expand the direction of my blogging in these main themes. Blogging is quickly becoming another passion that fascinates me and I hope to develop my skills in writing them which at the moment is very amateurish. I hope to attract followers by becoming as interesting as possible through providing tips on Photography, Cooking Recipes and History/Archeology. I spend my time in Ireland and Portugal and I will focus my blog on the above interesting subjects in these two countries initially.

Any help or comments will be gratefully accepted. Please be constructive. No spam, please.

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